About Lex&Max

Lex & Max® is the leading dog cushion brand and cat cushion brand on the European market. It distinguishes itself not only in terms of color, quality, trend, affordability and wide range, but also in supplying affordable loose covers and loose inner cushions.

Finally you can effortlessly vary with colors, designs and styles. The dirty cover can easily be washed while a clean cover in a different color is already around the inner filling in the living room.

The cushions are particularly stylish and trendy and made of beautiful quality fabrics. The wide range of Lex & Max® covers makes it easy to keep up with the moods of the seasons.

In short: the Lex & Max® collection has allure and enriches any interior.

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NEW: Dubai Boxbed

NEW: Dubai Boxbed The Lex and Max dog cushion “Boxbed Dubai” is a stylish cushion with a luxurious print. Let